" Calum's experience & confidence is very apparent when the ocean is at it meanest & most beautiful, his ability to trust his judgement while reading where the wave & rider is going to be is his specialty when capturing the right moment. "

- Mitch Rawlins, Found Boards Director & Professional Bodyboarder



" When it comes to hiring a camera man that's not afraid to put in the hard yards Calum macaulay is definitely a guy that comes to mind. Not only is he a fantastic water photographer, his original background in videography is what also makes him a great assist on any trip. "

- Mark Visser



" Calum has shot the last 2 waves I have won Oakley awards on. If your looking for someone you can rely on to nail the shot it's Calum. "

- Mark Mathews



" Calum has burst onto the scene with such impact it's left a lot of photo editors in shock. Questions of "where he has been hiding?" and "what the hell he has been doing before submitting these jaw dropping images?" are not uncommon. As a new magazine it was essential for us to align ourselves with the best in the game and Calum is just that. Give him a task and he bring not only the required but much more each time we send him out into the field. "

- Phil Gallagher, le Boogie



" Cal’s photography has always had a special place in my time at Riptide as his epic pole-cam shot of the flying Frenchmen, Pierre-Louis Costes was one of the first shots that I selected for the magazine’s cover. Cal’s photographic diversity is a real credit to the man; he can nail shots posted up on land or jump in the water and cover the action from in tight, elevated with his pole or shooting from the channel. His consistency and dedication has meant that Cal quickly became one of the guy’s we’d be ringing up as soon as the next swell over in the West loomed large. "

- Tim Leeson, Riptide Bodyboarding Magazine



" I've been a fan of Calum's work ever since he began making entries to the Awards. He's got an excellent eye and the tenacity and skill to get the goods in heavy surf, which is probably the toughest arena in surf photography. He doesn't just settle for predictable angles, always looking for something to give his work an extra dimension, even in surf conditions that'd have a lot of lensmen running for the hills. Keep it up champ. "

- Nick Carroll



" You know a lot of attention and focus goes on the surfers who ride these big waves, but sometimes the photographers seem to be overlooked.
If you consider the heavy situations, the hardships and crap guys like Calum go through to for our enjoyment, then I say they deserve everything that comes their way. Thanks Calum, keep up the good work and keep bringing the gold. "

- Bainy Rob, Bain Global Brand Ambassador & Asia Pacific Marketing Manager